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1 August, 2017

The beauty industry is thriving nowadays. There is hardly any product that you can’t find in the market. For a variety of cleansing scrubs to night and day creams, the market has it all. The choice is further divided into multiple brands. From reasonably-priced to highly expensive ones to those that focus on organic or natural beauty products, there is no lack of variety.

However, an important aspect to consider for effective beauty is your skin type. Just the way different body types require different nutrition plans, different skin types require different treatments. The more suitable a beauty product is for your specific skin type, the more positive results you will enjoy. Some products are designed to help with all skin types but many brands are now targeting specific types to help promote effective solutions.
In the following post, we discuss four basic skin types and what kind of products are suitable respectively:

Normal Skin
People who have a normal skin are extremely lucky. Not only they have to deal with the minimum amount of damage but no extra efforts are required for skin care as well. Normal skin is not prone to excessive oil or dryness; it gives off a smooth and clean appearance. The circulation is good and the complexion is usually glowing.
When buying products, it is quite easy to come across with the normal skin label. However, the skin does not require hard treatments, to begin with. A combination or mild cleanser and moisturizer along with quality sunscreen should do the work.


Oily Skin
Oily skin is quite shiny. It becomes particularly prone to problems like acne in the summer. However, oily skin is also less likely to become a victim of aging and wrinkling. Heat and humidity can be difficult to manage but many products are available to help you out. Avoid using harsh products as they may erase all oil from the skin. Oily skin beauty products are gentle on the skin for removing excess oil and promoting a healthy production of oil.


Sensitive Skin
Many experts don’t consider this as a specific skin type. However, multiple people have complained about skin sensitivity over the past years. This is often due to lifestyle choices like junk food and exposure to pollution. It has become an issue enough to develop specific products to soothe sensitivity. The skin is usually thin or features a fine texture along with dry patches. This means you should avoid chemical-rich products. Also, products with perfumes or dyes should also be not used. Better invest in organic or natural brands.

Some people have different types of skin at the same time. They will experience oily and dry skin depending on part of the face or body. For example, the cheeks are often dry but the T-zone is prone to excessive oil. For this, you will have to balance product use, which can be tricky.
The best way to determine skin type if pore size. Visibly large pores mean oily, no pores mean dry, while normal pore visibility is for normal skin. If the pore size is varying, then you have combination skin.

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