Talking Points

Brief description of Eauprince

Eauprince is a subscription service for skincare. Born out of the frustration with overpriced skincare marketed up by retailers.Eauprince was created for those who wanted more from their skincare then false promises and lackluster ingredients. With Eauprince, you get ato choose from over 30 organic skincare products, made with the best ingredients and comparable to high end skincare brands delivered right to your door for just $20.00 / month!

Unlike other subscriptions

Eauprince allows you to receive a 30-day supply of 5 fullsized skincare products of your choosing each month for $20.00. Unlike other subscription boxes, Eauprince allows you to pick which products you want and need, ensuring you’re always happy with what you receive. With over 30+ products to choose from, you can experiment with a new product every month. Eauprince even offers a quiz to suggest personalized recommendations specific to your skin type and skincare issues, guaranteeing that you will be left with clean and blemish free skin.