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5 June, 2017
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When it comes to beauty and skincare, Kim Kardashian obviously knows best. This is a valid statement considering we first learned about the once infamous “Vampire facial” (Yep, the one where Kim’s face was all red and bloody) from Kim herself. It may not be a pretty sight, but its results are glorious.

The Vampire facial is, as the name suggests, a facial with your own blood. The skin is able to reabsorb all of the blood’s its science-backed benefits…kind of like how the skin regenerates after a cut or a wound.

Naturally intrigued, we asked Dr. Barbara Sturm, the woman behind the Vampire facial and Molecular Cosmetics skincare, for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your blood benefiting your skin.

How did you come up with the Vampire Facial and the Blood Cream?
After finishing my studies in Medicine and Sports I started working in orthopaedics, with a particular focus on cutting edge anti-inflammatory approaches. During that time I helped pioneer a treatment that is now known as the “Kobe procedure,” named after Kobe Bryant. The treatment uses the MCX, which consists of healing factors that are generated from the patients’ own blood. I helped to develop that procedure in collaboration with scientists from Harvard and Pittsburgh. After taking blood, the syringe (which contains irregularly shaped glass beads that the blood “reads” as a wound) is kept at body temperature to keep the blood cells alive, so they keep producing the healing factors until we have a concentration147 times higher than what we usually have in our blood. The same factors in your blood that heal a cut on your finger are stimulated to 147 times their normal potency. A similar approach is what we deploy in our Vampire Facial and in the topical cream.

The body’s own healing factors are then extracted from the syringe and used to cure arthritis in joints. Since cartilage cells and skin cells share similar properties and I was always interested in aesthetics, I translated the knowledge, injecting the proteins either directly into the skin or after combining it with hyaluronic acid fillers. I also simultaneously invented my famous MC1 cream that went viral in Hollywood after being available only a short period of time. To me, this is the most effective skin cream available on the market today. The media often calls this the “Vampire Facial.” But there is an important distinction between merely reinjecting blood plasma, a procedure many doctors today employ known as Platelet Rich Plasma (“PRP”), and my approach which is more than 140 times more potent.

How do the Vampire Facial and the Blood Cream work?
Inflammation is a key factor in the aging process. In our body, the messenger protein Interleukin-1 (IL-1) stimulates joint inflammation. Our clinical therapies use the patient’s own blood to counteract aging-associated inflammation. In the laboratory, white blood cells are being stimulated to produce a special protein called Interleukin 1-antagonist and critically important growth factors like TGF-beta (the most important growth factor for skin cell rejuvenation). Anti-Interleukin-1 reduces inflammation while TGF-beta strengthens the tissue and stimulates collagen growth.

Applied topically in the MC1 cream, but also by the subdermal injections in my Dr. Barbara Sturm facial, the Interleukin-1 proteins help the skin regenerate. The MC1 cream utilizes the patient’s own healing factors and is the most individualized skin care possible and is adapted to the very personal needs of each patient.

What are the benefits to the skin
The MC1 cream is a healing lotion, customized just for you, that makes underlying inflammation and the visible results of inflammation disappear, reduces wrinkles, tightens pores, and has even been used by patients for the treatment of neurodermatitis and psoriasis. It creates a beautiful, glowing, healthy skin matrix. This cream is a medicinal preparation extensively prepared, specifically for each patient.

The final MC1 cream contains growth factors, proteins and regenerative substances, which stimulate the generation of new collagen in your skin while the anti-inflammatory proteins inhibit chronic inflammations, and the regenerative substances prolong cellular life. Your skin is protected and visibly rejuvenated.

My Dr. Barbara Sturm facial has the same benefits, but due to injections the proteins and regenerative substances penetrate more deeply into the skin. Mixed with hyaluronic acid, you can also add moisture and fill small wrinkles usually caused by dryness which leads to an overall glow. We achieve especially great results when mixing the proteins with skin boosters. It gives the skin a youthful look, plumpness, and a healthy glow. It’s especially good before or after a vacation due to heat or UV exposure, but it’s also great during winter if you go skiing and are chapped by the cold, dry winter air. I recommend having my Dr. Barbara Sturm facial, which is called MCX facial in my clinic, every 2-3 months to help your skin, support its structure, give it a deeply hydrating treat and prevent wrinkles caused by dryness.

How can people get it from you?
The best way is to go through my clinic in Düsseldorf – my assistants will make an appointment as they have my schedule and know where I will be at any point in time.

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